Global BI

We ensure relevance... consolidating all data in one place and preparing and making it available for the PAYBACK business.

Our processes are constantly being expanded to create relevance not only for the business, but also for the customer.


We are the central contact for ....

...alle Themen rund und um das Data Warehouse sowie Continuous Delivery/Continuous Deployment im DWH

What we contribute to the company's success...

No data without PAYBACK, no PAYBACK without data.



We work closely with the Business, Analytics and DBAs. But also with other departments such as Portal, Mobile, CORE Backend, Security or service providers and partners we are in exchange.



Oracle, Exadata, BigData, MapR
Data Ingestion, KPIs, mass data
PL/SQL, Hive, Spark
Python, Java, Groovy, Shell
Git, Pull Requests
Docker, Openshift
PyCharm, IntelliJ IDEA
Jenkins, Pipelines

Overview of the division into areas

We are a team consisting of 3 Scrum teams with different nationalities. We are not only responsible for the German PAYBACK market, but also for the DWH in all markets.