The Mobile Team

... and many more people who are not on the pictures

We ensure relevance ...

... by building the app that brings together the entire PAYBACK program in a pocket-sized format.

We are continuously developing the apps and exporting them to other countries, because this is the basis for all developments of the business in the coming years.

We are the central contact for ...

... all functionalities of the apps

What we contribute to the company's success ...

... a few double-digit percentage points


We all work together in a team of: UX, Product, Dev, QA and have many intersections across countries to other business areas to ensure the success of the app.

For example: Apple, Google, Blackberry, Marketing, CSC, PAY, GF, PR, Content, Ops, Analytics, BI, Backends, API, Security, Compliance, Amex, Legal, HR, Brand, Couponing, LocationsBasedServices, Heldesk, Office-IT, Network, other service providers.

Buzzwords of things we use:

  • Kotlin, Java und Swift
  • Injektion von Abhängigkeiten
  • Modularisierung
  • Architektonische Komponenten
  • Verschlüsselung
  • Figma
  • Reaktive Programmierung
  • Daten-Bindung
  • Firebase
  • Adobe-Analytik
  • Rapidusertests
  • Adobe Invision
  • Spotify
  • Blase
  • MVVM und CLEAN
  • Material Entwurf
  • Automatisiertes und manuelles Testen
  • Git, Pull-Requests, Jenkins
  • ... und viel, viel mehr

Overview of the division into areas

We are ONE motivated team of 30 people, 20 nationalities and 50 personalities: Our team consists of UX, Dev, QA, DevOps and PO.