We ensure relevance...

...because we constantly play out new, relevant offers for our customers across all channels. In addition, we are constantly developing interactive, creative campaigns, games, and challenges. To do this, we also conduct numerous market research studies to better understand what our customers have to say.


We are the central contact for...

...everything from coupons in many forms, the points post, newsletters, mobile PUSH, event-driven real-time marketing, challenges, games to customer insights or creatives and clever minds who want to move things forward as a team.


What we contribute to the company's success...

...we contribute over 60% of the company's success. However, we are particularly proud of the very good KPIs from a PAYBACK customer perspective and the many millions of customers who are always happy to collect extra points and enthusiastically take part in the campaigns we inform them about.



With our multichannel marketing products, we are responsible for all 4 P's and work strategically as well as operationally. That's why we work closely with a large number of interface teams. The departmental boundaries sometimes become blurred. We also work closely together within all marketing departments and have "interfaces". Across PAYBACK, we work closely with many important interfaces, e.g. account/partner management, operations, various product and development teams.
The motto: "Nobody is perfect but a team can be" therefore does not apply to a single department 😊. 


M365 (Sharepoint, msTeams), Buchungstool, CMS Tool, Reporting Tool