We ensure relevance ...

... because we make sure and do everything we can to ensure that our great marketing and points promotions reach our customers - off- and online AND because we take care of our customers and their questions and concerns every day in customer service.

We are the central contact for ....

... (almost) all business processes that we set up with service providers, e.g. our customer service, our technical service providers for e-mail and SMS dispatch and the producers and lettershops for cards, POS equipment and mailings and Deutsche Post.

What we contribute to the company's success ...

... We are process professionals and outsourcing experts. With our service partners, we ensure the production and dispatch of a high number of campaigns per year - offline and online. Whether in runs of millions or totally partner- and customer-specific - we ensure satisfied customers and develop secure and efficient processes with internal interfaces.


... The various marketing units, sales, partner management classic and online, tech, purchasing, legal, controlling - actually everyone at PAYBACK.


... Email, phone, CRM software, PACE and APIs, Jira, Confluence and the SFTP server.

Overview of the division into areas

  • ​​​​​​Customer Service,
  • Marketing Services (Production and Adressmanagement),
  • Campaign & Projects