The Women Leadership Network

Brief introduction: What do we do?

As an initiative and social business, PANDA has been working for equal rights in business and society since 2012. To this end, the company offers women leaders a select, cross-industry network and a dedicated platform for exchange, mutual support and further development. The PANDA community is home to more than 2,400 women leaders at every career level (as of May 2021). They empower each other, encourage (aspiring) female leaders to take the next step, or seek regular exchanges of experience. Partnerships with companies also provide valuable contacts and job opportunities in the leadership field.

PS: For those wondering why we are called PANDA.... There is a parallel between pandas and women leaders in Germany: they are rare. Now you could argue that women in management are at least not threatened with extinction. That is gratifying, but it is not enough for us. We want more of this species!

Our connection to PAYBACK

PAYBACK is our long-standing strategic corporate partner and renewed the partnership for a further three years in February 2020. Together, we are thus working on increasing the visibility of female executives. Isabelle Hoyer, founder and managing director of the PANDA network, takes positive stock of the cooperation to date: "Advancing diversity and equality in companies is a complex challenge and not something that happens overnight. The long-term partnership gives us the time to make a real impact - and it's going really well so far."

The creators

Isabelle Hoyer and Stuart B. Cameron brought the PANDA Women Leadership Contest to life in 2013. The PANDA Contest is a globally unique event format specifically for women in leadership and those aspiring to a leadership position. In 2016, the PANDA GmbH developed from this with further formats. In September 2020, the gender equality and diversity program for companies was launched: Employers for Equality - with PAYBACK as one of the first founding partners.

The history

It all started in 2013 with the PANDA Women Leadership Contest. The PANDA Contest is a worldwide unique event format especially for women in leadership and those who aspire to a leadership position. From this, PANDA GmbH developed in 2016 with further formats.

The target group

PANDA is a cross-industry network for women in leadership. And as diverse as leadership is, so is the PANDA community. Ambitious and motivated women in leadership and those who want to become one in the next step are in the right place here.

The work

PANDA works toward one overarching goal: Equal opportunities and a balanced representation in critical leadership positions. To achieve this, PANDA brings women forward: PANDA offers women leaders a sustainable network of ambitious, motivated and capable women. At various events, PANDA creates a framework for testing and developing leadership skills, receiving feedback and exchanging ideas. Great female role models with very different and impressive careers are shown. There is also a brand new project: The Diversity Program for Companies: Employers for Equality.


PANDA is a curated network. It pays attention to a good mix of experiences of the members. The application process guarantees that you can make interesting contacts with women from all industries at PANDA. You can become part of the PANDA network in two ways: through a regular network application or by applying to a PANDA Contest or PANDA Lab.

Where can you meet us

Definitely at an (online) PANDA event - ranging from breakfast or dinner clubs in almost 20 cities to the big events: the PANDA Women Leadership Contests & Labs. When and where is always on the webseite. Otherwise, you can certainly meet the founder Isabelle in and around Munich - the other half of the team is located in the Factory Berlin Mitte and is happy about a side trip there as well (if the current situation allows it).

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