Aral and PAYBACK launch new "PAYBACK Fuel & Go" service

Contactless payment directly at the pump - Initial version with 400 Aral service stations - Full rollout at over 2,000 stations by October 2021 - Use via PAYBACK app with PAYBACK PAY payment functionality.

Aral and PAYBACK are now offering fuel payment directly at the pump. The new "PAYBACK Fuel & Go" service will initially be rolled out at around 400 selected Aral service stations across Germany and optimized on an ongoing basis. Customers there can make mobile payments at the pump using the PAYBACK app and collect points in the process. This innovation will then be rolled out successively to over 2,000 service stations by October 2021. Recently, Germany's largest service station company and the market-leading bonus program had extended their partnership for the long term and announced services such as points for Aral's growing e-mobility offering.

"All industries have to face the digital transformation, and we accompany and support our partner companies on this journey. We are very pleased to be working with Aral to implement 'PAYBACK Fuel & Go' and are convinced that this very convenient and, especially in pandemic times, safe and contactless way to refuel will be very well received by our customers," said PAYBACK CEO Dominik Dommick.

"PAYBACK Fuel & Go is fast, simple and digital, and therefore a big step into the future of refueling," says Aral board member Patrick Wendeler. "It is very important to us to adapt our offer to the needs of our customers. People who fill up today, wash their car and store in the store may just want to pop in for a quick fill-up next week."

To use "PAYBACK Fuel & Go", the service is opened at the Aral service station in the PAYBACK app, the relevant fuel pump and the desired amount or quantity are selected. After refueling, payment is made in the app using the technical functionality of PAYBACK PAY, and points are collected at the same time. This saves customers a trip to the cash register and allows them to complete the entire payment process directly at the pump.

A picture of "Fuel & Go" can be found here in the press area.