Health insurer BIG direkt gesund is now PAYBACK partner

BIG direkt gesund is the first statutory health insurer to cooperate with PAYBACK.

From now on, more than 30 million customers of the largest and most popular multi-partner bonus programme are able to collect PAYBACK points when signing a new membership contract with BIG. As a direct health insurance fund, BIG renounces an expensive network of local branches, and its lower administrative costs make it a convincing choice. BIG offers its members a comprehensive range of services including free teeth cleaning, travel vaccinations and a 24-hour health hotline. Customer support is provided quickly online and by phone with no unnecessary bureaucracy.
“Our partnership with PAYBACK enables us to offer customers additional value – not only do they enjoy the full protection of a health insurer with many additional services, but they now also receive valuable PAYBACK points on top,” said Peter Kaetsch, chairman of BIG direkt gesund. “We are particularly pleased to be the first statutory health insurer to cooperate with PAYBACK.” Customers receive up to 200 PAYBACK points for requesting an information package and up to 600 points for becoming a member. Clients can also collect up to 10,000 points annually by regularly taking part in precautionary and preventative measures.

“We warmly welcome BIG as a new PAYBACK partner. With our points and our extensive platform, we can provide customers with relevant offers that are of particular interest to them. We are delighted that our partnership with BIG means we are now also represented in the statutory health insurance sector with a leading partner,” said Steffen Wenzler, Head of Contract Business at PAYBACK.

Data protection is of utmost importance for the new partnership. From issuing insurance policies and processing applications to portfolio management – all processes take place exclusively in BIG direkt gesund’s area of responsibility, completely separated from PAYBACK.