PAYBACK hands over cheque for EUR 2 million to Unicef Unicef

Companies and customers donate PAYBACK points for schools in Africa

On Monday evening, actor and Unicef patron Joachim “Blacky” Fuchsberger accepted a cheque for EUR 2 million on behalf of Unicef from PAYBACK CEO Alexander Rittweger. This handsome sum is a result of the seven-year partnership between PAYBACK and Unicef. Since June 2006, the money has been put towards the “Schools for Africa” campaign. “It is thanks to strong partners such as PAYBACK that Unicef has so far been able to build or renovate 357 schools. My heartfelt thanks goes to the bonus programme and its customers who have donated their points to Unicef,” said Fuchsberger.

Many Unicef patrons, including comedian Michael Mittermeier, top model Eva Padberg, dressage rider Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff and actresses Suzanne von Borsody and Lisa Martinek, attended the event to hand over the cheque at Circus Krone. Afterwards, Herbert Grönemeyer gave an exclusive unplugged concert for PAYBACK partners and customers. PAYBACK had been the co-operation partner of Herbert Grönemeyer in May and June throughout his entire 2007 tour.

“Education is the key to a self-determined life without poverty and sickness. If we really want to help the children in Africa, we must give them the opportunity of learning to read and write,” explained Rittweger. “We want to make it easy for customers to help others. This way, they can make a contribution simply by donating their PAYBACK points.”

“PAYBACK showed social responsibility when the company was first founded and gave its customers the opportunity to do something for others while out shopping. I think that’s a great idea,” enthused Eva Padberg. She visited Rwanda a few months ago to open the first school built exclusively with money raised by donations of PAYBACK points. “It was a very emotional journey that showed me that every cent really does count.”

“In southern Africa today, 45 million boys and girls still don’t go to school – that is almost every second child. Children from the poorest families and orphans are at a particular disadvantage. The aim of our “Schools for Africa” campaign, which we founded in cooperation with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, is to give these children an education,” explained Unicef Chairwoman Heide Simonis.

The donation of PAYBACK points works as follows: Customers collect points from PAYBACK partner companies and transfer them to Unicef online at or exchange them for bricks, mortar and trowels. Each brick bears the name of the person who donated it. PAYBACK registration forms are available from the partners or at