PAYBACK is one of the most desirable employers in Germany

PAYBACK is one of the most desirable employers in Germany. This is shown by a broad-based study conducted by the F.A.Z. Institute together with the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research. The study was based on one year of intensive social listening and a comprehensive questionnaire. PAYBACK achieved the highest score of 100.0 in the industry for service providers, making it the benchmark for the industry. 
"Job security, salary structure and future orientation are only some of many important factors for a sought-after employer these days. This study once again shows that nowadays soft criteria such as flexible working hours, a good work-life balance, social, economic and ecological responsibility and the additional benefits of a company are just as decisive. We are delighted that we have achieved such a high rating with the PAYBACK Group," says Carolin Schlegtendal, HR Director and Head of Talent Acquisition at PAYBACK.
The study's point values are calculated from two values. The difference between positive and negative entries is divided by the total number of entries, and the number of total entries is considered in relation to the industry average. Companies with at least 60 points receive an award. A total of more than 1,000 companies have been awarded.