PAYBACK and its partners are once again launching the popular "Joker Campaign"

Even more points, even faster savings: Every purchase comes with a Joker coupon booklet with lots of extra points and the chance to win great prizes

It's that time again: for the twelfth time, the biggest PAYBACK campaign of the year, the popular "Joker Campaign". Customers receive a coupon booklet with four Joker coupons for every purchase at 26 participating partner companies. Not only do they earn up to 33 times as many points, they also receive lucky codes with the chance of winning great prizes, vouchers and other coupons. This makes it particularly easy for the more than 31 million PAYBACK users up to October 16, 2022 collect lots of points on top, fill up their points accounts and save money quickly.
"A new feature this year is that customers will be sent an e-mail for partners, customers will receive an e-mail with the opportunity to pick up another Joker eCoupon," says Sandra Neumeister, who is responsible for brand and trade marketing at PAYBACK.
More than 10 million customers already use the popular PAYBACK app. Here, customers customers enter the Joker codes they have received, and winnings and coupons are displayed immediately. If a lucky code is entered into the draw for further prizes, this information is also displayed immediately after the code is entered, this information also appears immediately after the code is entered. All lucky codes can be entered until including 3 October 2022. "In addition to the numerous coupons and shopping benefits, the non-cash prizes are particularly attractive this year: from the Motorhome to eBikes and electric scooters await, for example, kitchen machines, large-format televisions and Nintendo game consoles on lucky Joker winners",
says Neumeister.

The Joker coupon booklet is available this year from these PAYBACK partners, among others partners directly at the checkout: Alnatura, Apollo Optik, ARAL, C&A, DEPOT, dm-drogerie market, LINDA pharmacies, PENNY, REWE, Thalia and WMF. The coupon booklets will be issued by most partners from August 29 to September 18, 2022. Depending on the specific partner, the issue period may be shorter or longer. The exact validity can be seen on the coupons. A special highlight of the Joker promotion is the regional allocation and distribution of the coupons in the booklets. This always takes into account the surrounding partner stores, so that the coupons received can be used easily and without long shopping trips by customers at other partners.

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