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Book your retail media campaign now: Targeted shopper and branding activation

based on purchasing data from over 680 retailers.

Adress the perfect target group

Optimal use of selection options

Our portfolio offers a wide range of selection options for exactly the right target group.

Purchasing behaviour

No more scattering loses: our targeting is based on real offline and online transaction data - so you can reach your target group with pinpoint accuracy!

Channel-specific shopper insights

Get your message to your target group at the right time via the right channel. We support you with data-supported methods.


Use our expertise in shopper interests and preferences to strike a chord with your target group!


By considering the demographics of your target group, we shape your customised advertising strategy!

Location Based Data

Location-independent marketing is a thing of the past - we focus on location-based data to reach your target group in the right place at the right time.


million active shopper




per cent increase in sales

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Our media mix

Success through couponing and branding

You can hit your marketing and sales targets with a customised retail media mix. We are happy to consult you!


PAYBACK shopper love coupons! With our classic online, mobile and offline couponing campaigns, we create targeted purchasing impulses. Whether lost buyers, switchers, loyal buyers or potential new buyers- we help you to increase sales and turnover!


More than 11 million PAYBACK users are shopping on their mobiles via the PAYBACK app. In addition to our couponing campaigns, you can leverage best-in-class app advertising space with our mobile campaigns.


Profit from our effective online marketing measures and discover a wide range of advertising opportunities. Target based on real purchase data, just like all in our other advertising spaces.


Maximize the success of your coupon with the help of a newsletter campaign. This will attract the attention of over 10.5 million potential customers and increase the success of your campaign.


Use the PAYBACK leaflets and print mailings to attract attention for your advertised product and convince potential customers.

PAYBACK Media-Network

With the PAYBACK Media Network, you can reach PAYBACK users even outside. The campaigns are played out on over 1,500 websites & apps, as PAYBACK has connected all relevant premium publishers. Media campaigns can be booked programmatically. 


Increase sales and acquire new customers with the holistic retail media campaign concept.

Campaign milestones for your brand

Your brand / product

Selection of the target group based on purchasing behavior

The campaign is delivered to the target group

The benefit is distributed via various PAYBACK media

Success is measured and shoppers are analyzed

The PAYBACK benefits at a glance

  • Individual communication to your target group
  • Customized campaign setup according to your specific goals
  • Increase in customer loyalty and brand awareness
  • Support for your product throughout its entire life cycle
  • Detailed reporting at the end of each campaign
  • Increase in turnover and sales
  • Acquiring new customers and maintaining existing customers
  • Your central retail media contact


· PAYBACK Retail Media

PAYBACK Retail Media: Best Cases at d3con Masterclass!

Rouven Aretz, from the PAYBACK FMCG and media team, will be a renowned speaker at d3con.

As the force behind the PAYBACK Media Network, Rouven Aretz covers a broad spectrum ranging from retail media and programmatic advertising to innovative DataClean Room solutions. In his role, he offers agencies and industry partners sound advice on the selection and optimisation of effective media strategies. He is characterised by his commitment to digital, strategic solutions and the integration of the FMCG business into the relevant and future-oriented topics in the industry.

Don't miss the opportunity to gain deep insights and valuable knowledge in an exclusive masterclass: Mark 12 March 2024, at 3:30 pm, firmly in your calendar!

· PAYBACK Retail Media

PAYBACK goes d3con 2024!

On 12 March 2024, d3con will open its doors in Hamburg to set the course for the future of digital advertising - and PAYBACK will be right in the middle of it!

So if you want to talk to our programmatic advertising and FMCG experts about modern digital marketing strategies, retail media, the management and measurement of marketing channels, marketing automation and AI, for example, or listen to our colleague Rouven Aretz as a speaker, this is the place to be!

Take the opportunity to talk directly to our experts and be inspired by the latest innovations and trends in the world of digital advertising. We look forward to welcoming you to d3con 2024 in Hamburg and shaping the future of marketing together.

If you are interested in a personal meeting and would like to make an appointment in advance, you can reach us at fmcg@payback.net.

· PAYBACK Retail Media

Meet the PAYBACK team at the LZ Retail Media Day!

On 16 April 2024, we will be taking part in the LZ Retail Media Day, a highlight for everyone in the retail and media industry. This event is the perfect place for new ideas and making great contacts.

We are very much looking forward to the opportunity to exchange ideas directly with industry experts, potential partners and people interested in our services. The prospect of exciting presentations increases our anticipation even more!

If you are interested in a personal meeting and would like to make an appointment in advance, you can reach us at fmcg@payback.net.

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