How does innovation work @ PAYBACK Group?

Through Technology

Dynamic and partner-based product integration on site and from home â€“ all in one app! PAYBACK GO automatically identifies nearby partner stores via location services, making shopping an interactive and digital experience.

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Have you ever wondered how sustainable your last trip was? Fortunately, more and more people are paying attention to sustainable living â€“ and travel planning is no exception.

As a full-service provider for some of the travel and mobility industry's best-known loyalty programs, Loyalty Partner Solutions is now doing just that:
Green Loyalty offers loyalty program operators a customer-centric approach to rewarding participants' decisions to travel more sustainably in an innovative way. In doing so, Loyalty Partner Solutions' Green Loyalty solution focuses on creating transparency and comprehension, as well as incentivizing sustainable choices, purchases and activities during travel. In addition, elements such as gamification with sustainable challenges and community approaches with joint collection incentives strengthen the commitment of participants in the long term.

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Today, fast and cashless payments are possible with PAYBACK PAY for cell phones. The purchase is debited from a stored credit card or bank account and PAYBACK points are collected automatically â€“ if required, points can even be redeemed directly at checkout. The TÜV-certified system with state-of-the-art standards makes payment a simple and secure experience.

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Data products based on machine intelligence enable offers to be tailored to customer needs. The employed models enable PAYBACK to optimize personalized marketing campaigns and CRM strategies. With the help of machine / deep learning tools, we achieve the optimal experience for our customers and PAYBACK partners.