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New Podcasts

Debug the Future

The new episode of the "Debug the Future" podcast. In this episode, the experts welcome Norbert Wirth, our Global VP Data. His exciting thesis: "We need a shift from project to product mode." You'll also learn why choosing the right data architecture can also quickly become a question of faith. Listen in now and learn more.


"Einstellungungssache" - the podcast of the PAYBACK GROUP. True to the motto "We are on hire", we would like to introduce you to a key PAYBACK GROUP vacancy in each episode. Here we give our colleagues the chance to get you really excited about your dream job!





More Podcasts

The E-Commerce Powwow Podcast

In their think-tank-like analysis podcast "E-Commerce Powwow", PAYBACK Managing Directors Dominik Dommick and Joël Kaczmarek regularly talk to the "chieftains" of the e-commerce and online retail world. They derive strategies and hypotheses for a platform-dominated retail landscape and highlight best practices of relevant players.

Here are exciting "digital kompakt" podcasts with PAYBACK Manager Dominik Dommick.

The Thinkpod of DDV

The German Dialog Marketing Association (DDV) regularly publishes podcasts under the name "Thinkpods", each edition of which focuses on a current marketing topic - from current trends and important tools and technologies to the challenges and opportunities in dialog marketing. Participants in the ThinkTank include Mark Brauch, Director Direct Marketing & Agencies at PAYBACK.

Here you find the Thinkpods.

The webtalk of DDV

With the "DDV-Webtalks", DDV offers members and non-members the opportunity to exchange views on specific topics with other DDV members digitally and live. The first talk was given by Mark Brauch, Director Directmarketing & Reach at PAYBACK, who spoke on the topic of "Getting out of the Corona crisis".

The Ein-Mail-Eins Print-Mailing Podcast

A truly digital expert talks about the complexity of print: PAYBACK Managing Director Dominik Dommick was a guest in the Podstars by OMR studio in Hamburg and spoke with host Raoul Fischer about successful multichannel marketing, mobile strategies, but also about blue plastic cards, skydiving and fear of heights. Just listen in to a very entertaining 30 minutes of pure PAYBACK!

Here's the "One Mail One" podcast from Deutsche Post and DHL.

"Inside Communications" with Florian Wolfframm

In this podcast, Angela Fimpel and Flo Wolfframm talk frankly about PAYBACK as one of the best-known customer loyalty programs in Germany and go on a joint search for the value of customer loyalty.

They look at the mechanisms of customer loyalty at PAYBACK, discuss critical issues such as data protection and data security, and analyze how exactly PAYBACK is responding to current communication trends.

Click here to check it out! 

The TALENTS Hello Home Office Podcast

Germany is moving to the home office! For some nothing new, for others an impossible challenge. The podcast "Hello Home Office" of the personnel marketing and employer branding agency TALENTS collects tips, tricks, new ideas & routines to simplify working in remote teams.

In this episode, Carolin Schlegtendal, Director HR at PAYBACK, talks about her experiences.

Quarantine Talk on Team HR Podcast

Team HR - that's Melanie Marquardt and Maren Kaspers. Under the blog of the same name, they have been writing about highlights and lowlights from employer branding and HR marketing since 2016. Or, as the two call it: About gold dust and sweepings.

In this episode, Laura Koller and Lara Schnagl from PAYBACK provide some exciting insights into their current challenges in communications - but above all into what they can currently learn from the Corona crisis.

Der Visionary Leaders Podcast

PAYBACK CEO Bernhard Brugger in conversation with Accenture DACH! Berni talked to Johannes Trenka about retail in transition, about the turning point of COVID-19 and (still) changing consumer behavior, about inclusion & diversity and sustainability.

Here you can listen to the podcast!


Everyone knows them: colleagues, friends, idols - who inspire us in their own special way. Performance, charisma, soft skills - there are many reasons to say "Chapeau!" and to take our hats off to others. A well-deserved round of applause for all those who show off professionally and as people and inspire us every day.

Lara Schnagl interviews PAYBACK GROUP colleagues and the "baton" is always passed through the interviewed colleagues, as everyone is asked about their own role model.

Episode 5 with  Anna Banaszczyk, FR International Requirements Manager

Episode 4 with Eva Milicic, AL Customer Services

Episode 3 with Dominik Dommick, Manager

Episode 2 with Sascha Schreier, FR Mobile Developer

Episode 1 with Laura Koller, FR Employer Branding & Internal Comms