Corporate Functions

The basic framework of the PAYBACK GROUP

All the overarching functions of our group are anchored at Loyalty Partner Holding. The various departments see themselves as service providers for the subsidiaries PAYBACK and Loyalty Partner Solutions.

  • The Legal department provides advice on all legal issues affecting PAYBACK GROUP companies and their organizational functions.
  • In the Tax department, we ensure that the entire PAYBACK GROUP is on safe ground in terms of taxation and that all tax regulations are considered.
  • HR ensures that the business is successful with high-performing, motivated and satisfied colleagues and that it can respond sustainably to changing market requirements.
  • The central Procurement is responsible for procuring goods and services for the PAYBACK GROUP worth hundreds of millions of euros.
  • Our wonderful Team Assistants are the first point of contact for all kinds of organizational issues.
  • In the field of Controlling, an affinity for numbers is required. The ability to interpret data and make decisions is part of our daily business.


  • All PAYBACK Divisions
  • All LPS Divisions
  • Executive Management

Possible jobs