Key Account Management & Sales


On the one hand, our focus is on the acquisition and integration of new partners, among others in the areas of retail, travel, telecommunications, banking and insurance. We are responsible for the entire acquisition process, from identifying potential partners to negotiating and concluding contracts – in other words, we decide on the partners of tomorrow.

On the other hand, we also manage all existing partners and work with them to develop marketing plans for exciting campaigns and promotions. We are the point of contact for all wishes and concerns of PAYBACK partners and ensure that they are successful working with us. Our main task is therefore to develop and advise partners in the long term.


At LPS, the situation is somewhat different, as the target group and customer structures also differ from those at PAYBACK. We have a relatively small target list, but large and international acquisition volumes. In comparison, we also have fewer customers, but with a higher share of sales. For this reason, we have separated Key Account Management and Sales.

Our acquisition processes are IT-oriented and take a relatively long time. Our Loyalty Management Suite platform is THE backbone of our customers' loyalty programs, and a whole range of complementary services round off our portfolio. In Key Account Management, in addition to a wide range of sales activities, the focus is primarily on operational support for existing customers at all levels and areas of the customer's organization, right down to the depths of the customer's organization.

Interfaces at PAYBACK

  • PAYBACK Partner
  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Product Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Business/Sales
  • Legal Department
  • Accounting
  • Controlling

Interfaces at LPS

  • Operations
  • Target Customers International & National
  • Existing Customers International & National
  • Marketing
  • Innovation Consulting
  • Solution Consulting
  • Legal Department
  • Accounting & Tax
  • Controlling
  • AmEx Global

Our tasks at PAYBACK

Our tasks at LPS in

Key Account Management