Product & Project Management


In Product & Project Management, we develop visions of how our PAYBACK services can be used even better and more easily. In doing so, we create solutions that not only meet business needs, but are also loved by our customers and partners. We implement innovative products and features right up to the go-live stage, working closely with the business owner, product owner, development teams and UX designers to achieve the optimum result. 

Product Management is a key market enabler for the digitization of brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce markets, translating customer requirements into technical solutions and ensuring optimum interaction between PAYBACK systems and partner systems. Every day, we think about what customers will want tomorrow and how we can actively shape the future of shopping with suitable applications.

Interfaces at PAYBACK

  • Business Owner
  • Developer Teams
  • Partner Management
  • Marketing
  • Analytics    
  • UX Designer
  • Legal
  • PAYBACK Partner

Our tasks at PAYBACK