Founded in 1998

In 1998, Alexander Rittweger founded Loyalty Partner with three employees and no venture capitalists. Inspired by his work as a consultant for Deutsche Lufthansa and its frequent flyer program Miles & More, he pursued the vision of a cross-industry and cross-media bonus program for retail and services. His business plan convinced both the then Lufthansa CEO J├╝rgen Weber and his employer Roland Berger.

The way to the biggest
bonus program.

The PAYBACK multi-partner bonus program relies on strong partner companies that are relevant to customers. A cross-sector and cross-media partner alliance that matches the core of the PAYBACK program brand is of central importance. Accordingly, only top companies from the retail and service sectors are approached. Metro AG with real,- and companies such as Aral, Apollo-Optik, dm-drogerie markt and, in 2014, REWE pledged their participation. Today, over 680 retail and online companies place their trust in PAYBACK.

Loyalty Partner as an expert
for customer management.

The know-how gained from building up PAYBACK is unique in the field of customer management. Loyalty Partner also makes this expertise available to other companies and offers customized IT solutions for the operation of bonus programs. Loyalty Partner wins Deutsche Bahn AG and Miles & More, among others, as customers.

Since August 2008, Loyalty Partner Solutions and PAYBACK have also been operating as legally independent subsidiaries. With this step, Loyalty Partner is taking account of the company's extraordinary growth and ensuring maximum individualized customer support in all areas of activity.

Loyalty Partner has been a subsidiary of the international credit card provider American Express since 2011.