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PAYBACK increases customer loyalty and generates additional sales for partners
PAYBACK is the leading international multi-partner loyalty program and also the largest and most powerful multi-channel marketing platform in the world. As a company, you can use us to address more than 31 million customers in Germany alone in a personalized manner - synchronized across all channels - offline, online and mobile.

PAYBACK optimally combines reach with personalization

As a company, you have the opportunity to run integrated campaigns across all available channels. You can address your customers with the relevant messages at the right time, in the right place, and thus achieve the greatest possible ROI. More than 10 million active customers already use the PAYBACK app and mobile PAYBACK services via their smartphones.

What is possible through PAYBACK?

Active customer dialog and integrated communication across all channels lead to:

  • Up-selling
  • Cross-selling
  • New customer acquisition
  • Customer (re)activation
  • Image and brand building

Dialogue marketing

Media with enormous impact:
The PAYBACK points overview and the PAYBACK coupon mail

  • Effective communication with immense reach
  • 70 million point overviews per year
  • 1.5 billion coupon e-mails (newsletters) per year
  • Combination of program information, ads,
    inserts and personalized coupons

The PAYBACK points overview

One important PAYBACK medium that has been tried and tested for many years is the PAYBACK points overview. Millions of active members receive this "points account statement" by post at regular intervals - up to 70 million are sent by post each year, with 15 million personalized versions per points overview.

The opening rate alone shows how relevant PAYBACK mail is for consumers: up to 90 percent of customers open the mailing, keep it, and the majority file it away like a bank statement.


Individual forms of advertising, precise and measurable

The points overview can be used as a carrier for additional individualized forms of advertising, such as coupons, advertising space or inserts. It allows a precise evaluation: How many customers have used which offer in which period? Exactly what response rate was achieved at what cost? Incidentally, it is not uncommon for 60% of customers to respond to attractive offers that are relevant to them.

The PAYBACK coupon mail (newsletter)

The PAYBACK coupon mail is the electronic counterpart to the PAYBACK points overview. Every week, around 7-10 million active members are informed about their points balance and receive target group-specific eCoupons and partner offers. In addition to exciting monthly campaigns, customers are also notified of exclusive online shopping and reward highlights.

With more than 1.5 billion newsletters sent out each year, PAYBACK regularly reaches its customers with relevant offers. This is reflected in the above-average open rates (Ø > 26%) and click rates (Ø > 6.5%).

Online Partner

The PAYBACK online platform creates marketing synergies

  • 10 million visits/month
  • 5.2 million unique visitors/month
  • Target group-specific customer approach
  • Integrated campaign formats with creative cross-media solutions
  • Coupons, top promotions and exciting themed specials

Around 680 partners: the PAYBACK online benefits world

PAYBACK's online benefits world offers both end customers and companies a wide range of options: With around 680 partners, online shoppers have a wide choice and can even store in small stores with niche products and collect PAYBACK points in the process. On the other hand, companies benefit from the attractive reach with a multi-layered, purchase-oriented target group - making one of the largest online shopping platforms in Germany.

Above average performance

The PAYBACK online world of benefits is transparent, credible and offers performance-based condition models. High sales rates with low returns ensure above-average performance. Advertising messages are presented in an extensive category and brand portfolio. Under the maxim "One Face to the Customer", PAYBACK offers expert advice and optimum service from a single source.

PAYBACK is a member of the Bundesverband der Digitalen Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. and the
Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media e.V. (bitkom).

Mobile & Ecouponing

PAYBACK is already where others are just getting started

  • Largest European mobile couponing provider
  • Coupons online and mobile
  • Coupon Center at
  • Mobile Website
  • PAYBACK App with 10 Mio. aktive users and a mobile Payment function
  • Creative, regional und flexible marketingactions

The coupons are always with you

PAYBACK customers no longer need to remember to put paper coupons in their wallets before shopping: they can activate electronic coupons (eCoupons) before making a purchase - either via the PAYBACK Online Coupon Center, the mobile website or the PAYBACK app. 

Here, they also receive up-to-date information such as the location of the nearest PAYBACK partner or call up their current points balance. What's more, they can collect additional points via the app, for example on iTunes and in the App Store.

While other providers first build up their user base via mobile or web, PAYBACK has long been "multichannel" and mobile: all eCoupons can be used via smartphone and synchronously via the internet.

Increase purchase activity through mobile couponing

The mobile PAYBACK world of benefits increased purchasing activity in the user group by 7 percent; 35 percent of app users had not previously used paper coupons. Since using the app, they have redeemed 50 percent more coupons than the reference group.

Marketingplatform for FMCG partners

Top position in reach and personalization

PAYBACK has also expanded its range of services: In addition to partners, brand-name advertisers and media agencies can now use PAYBACK as a media platform. As an advertising medium, PAYBACK occupies a top position in terms of reach. Particularly important and interesting for partners and companies is the intelligent approach of providing each customer with precisely those offers that actually appeal to them. Reach and target group accuracy are optimally combined, resulting in a measurable increase in campaign efficiency.

Shopper insights based on real purchase data

PAYBACK can guarantee end-to-end tracking from customer contact to coupon redemption based on real purchase data. FCMG and branded goods manufacturers benefit from detailed profile analyses and response values according to different customer groups (e.g. new product buyers vs. existing customers).

Use in all stages of the sales process

Unlike traditional couponing, PAYBACK does not just provide tactical buying impulses. Rather, the media are suitable for use in all stages of the sales process, from the information phase to build customer awareness and brand recognition or image, through the actual purchase to after-sales communication.

Cross-media approach for the respective desired channel

In practice, this means that 31 million active card users are informed about the latest partner offers and bargains via traditional direct mailings, e-mail newsletters, more than 20,000 PoS at partner companies, the website, the PAYBACK app and the PAYBACK Facebook fan page. 

The actual impetus to buy is provided by PAYBACK with the help of advantage offers and coupons tailored to customer needs. These ensure that customers prefer to meet their needs at the participating companies and redeem coupons in order to fill their points account as quickly as possible. The cross-media approach ensures that participants are kept up to date on new promotions using precisely the communication medium of their choice.

PAYBACK Online Panel
Your Partner for Online - Research

The PAYBACK Online Panel was designed & developed specifically for online research. It serves this steadily growing market with high-quality samples from a unique database. Due to the large number of everyday contact points with PAYBACK, there is a much higher "share of life" than with comparable panels. This ensures long-term, sustainable and transparent panel operation.

The PAYBACK Online Panel gives you access to over 120,000 actively recruited panelists with a response rate of over 50%. This means that virtually all target groups can be accurately mapped for your projects.

Since 2019, we are also represented in Austria with our own online panel with 8,000 active panelists, in addition to Germany. In cooperation with the LINK Institute in Switzerland, we can provide you with online interviews from the DACH region.