Hacker School

Brief Introduction: Who we are

Before deciding on a career, every young person should learn about programming - that is our vision. With our low-threshold courses, we get young people excited about the colorful IT world with all its possibilities.

Our compact programming courses take place inside and outside of school. No matter where: fun and interactivity come first. Thanks to the voluntary commitment of companies and IT enthusiasts, we offer our courses at very reasonable prices. At the Hacker School, there are no classically trained teachers. Instead, IT experts from the private sector are inspiring. They voluntarily pass on their programming knowledge to the young participants in a motivated and practical manner and convey IT career orientation. The GIRLS Hacker School is aimed specifically at girls, and the Hacker School (@yourschool) PLUS is aimed at socio-economically disadvantaged young people to get them interested in programming.

Our connection to PAYBACK

The cooperation with PAYBACK was love at first sight. The company organized a test run with the Hacker School and invited the employees' children to join in. And it clicked right away. Since then, PAYBACK has been hosting regular classes with us and getting kids excited about coding with Python or Scratch. We are grateful to have the great team in Munich as a strong partner at our side.

Our mission

The Hacker School wants to support young people in understanding and shaping their own (digital) future through digital literacy, as well as mitigate the shortage of skilled workers in this field. Young people can experience that hidden or not thought to exist potentials and competences are slumbering in them, which they can further develop and pursue. Programming courses, both on-site and online, together with IT professionals (inspirers) from committed companies who are committed to digital education and pass on their own passion for IT to the participants - that is the concept of Hacker School. We get children and young people from 11 - 18 years old excited about programming and promote the IT youngsters of tomorrow. All participants should be able to take part in the course without prior knowledge.