Loyalty Partner and PEGAS agree sales partnership

oyalty Partner GmbH and PEGAS systemhaus gmbh are to partner on sales, with Loyalty Partner utilising the COUPER IT solution from PEGAS to develop and operate customer loyalty programmes going forward. COUPER is a standardised CRM platform that covers every possibility for professional customer relationship management. Thanks to its modular structure it can be quickly adapted to specific customer requirements.

Service provider Loyalty Partner, the operator of PAYBACK, Germany's largest bonus scheme, develops tailor-made customer management solutions for businesses. This involves both developing and implementing new customer loyalty schemes and also managing existing CRM processes. For example, Loyalty Partner has been responsible for managing Deutsche Bahn AG's "bahn.comfort" service programme for a number of years. Depending on customer requirements, the company either utilises proprietary IT solutions or standard market applications.

The partnership with PEGAS now provides Loyalty Partner with an additional standardised and highly flexible customer loyalty solution that is quick and cost-effective to implement. This enables the company to offer intelligent, tailor-made customer management solutions to suit every budget.

"The sales partnership with PEGAS allows us to put together an all-in-one package for our customers. Our clients get all the services they require from a single source – from CRM consulting and standardised software solution right through to end-to-end operational management," said Uwe Heddendorp, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Loyalty Partner.

"We are delighted to be collaborating with Loyalty Partner, the market-leading expert in customer management. Companies now have the opportunity to boost customer loyalty and turnover by leveraging Loyalty Partner's long-standing expertise in conjunction with our tried-and-tested, flexible customer loyalty solutions," said Hans Lindeman, CEO of PEGAS systemhaus gmbh.

COUPER offers a wealth of functions for customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. These range from traditional functions like coupon schemes, points collection and rewards ordering right through to interactive features such as auctions, raffles, online games and bets to ensure emotional customer loyalty. There are absolutely no limits when it comes to the design and implementation of flexible and innovative customer loyalty schemes. In addition, COUPER also offers high scalability, a diverse range of functions and flexibility.