New service in the PAYBACK App: Mobile redemption with PAYBACK PAY

PAYBACK Germany is now offering a new service in its popular App: App users can now use PAYBACK PAY not only to pay for their purchases with money, but also to redeem points at the same time in one step. "We are working hard to provide customers with more and more useful services in our App. Up to now, it has combined the collection of points, activation of coupons, mobile shopping and our mobile payment function PAYBACK PAY. More than 10 million active App users in Germany show that this combination of services is very relevant," says Michael Eichhorn, Director Digital POS and PAY at PAYBACK.

Redeeming points via PAY is also particularly easy and secure, Eichhorn said. To redeem collected points for purchases, simply open the PAY function in the PAYBACK App and select "redeem points now". After authentication via your own PIN, Touch ID or Face ID, the desired number of points can be entered and the QR Code scanned at the checkout. The points are then redeemed and the remaining amount is paid with PAY as required. The service can be used at the PAYBACK partners REWE, PENNY, dm-drogerie markt and Alnatura.

Together with Amazon and eBay, the PAYBACK App is one of the "Top 3 Shopping Apps" in Germany and was recently named "Top Everyday App" by the BILD newspaper together with and eBay.