One year PAYBACK Austria: over 2.5 million customers and more than 100 partners

The multi-partner bonus programme has been enthusiastically received and has gained a wide reach during its first 12 months in Austria – data protection and data security systems are now also TÜV-certified

The multi-partner bonus programme PAYBACK is celebrating a highly successful first year in Austria. With the slogan “One programme – many partners”, PAYBACK’s success story in Austria began in May 2018. One year on, it already has 2.5 million Austrian customers, who on average use PAYBACK 82,000 times daily together. Key to the programme's success is the choice and wide variety of partner companies where consumers can collect points. The attractive portfolio already includes more than 100 well-known brands on the high street and online. These include Austrian Airlines, BP, dm-drogerie markt, eBay, Expedia, Fressnapf, BURGER KING®, NORDSEE, OTTO, sehen!wutscher and Universal.

“This level of success has exceeded our expectations. Customers and partners recognise the added value of PAYBACK and trust our nearly 20 years of experience in delivering multi-partner bonus programmes. Our capability as a neutral and democratic trust centre for many major companies has now also been proven in Austria,” said managing director Walter H. Lukner. The PAYBACK app is also quite popular, which gives customers access to the programme’s full range of services on their smartphones at all times, including the collection of points and activation of coupons. The app has already been downloaded 600,000 times.

Data protection and data security are top priorities at PAYBACK, which is why the programme underwent a comprehensive certification audit by TÜV Austria. PAYBACK’s data protection and data security systems, and its protection mechanisms were recently awarded with the TÜV Trusted Application certification.

“Operating a multi-partner bonus programme is complex and requires extensive expertise. Our Austrian customers and partners can rely on our decades of experience in delivering loyalty programmes in eleven countries worldwide. We intend to expand our programme, partner portfolio and services for our customers, and we are excited to see what the coming months will bring,” said Lukner.