The PAYBACK app is the "most customer-friendly app 2023"

The PAYBACK app once again receives a special award and has been named the "Most Customer-Friendly App 2023". This is the result of a recent online study by 'Focus Money' in collaboration with the analysis and consulting company Service Value. Germany's largest and most popular bonus program not only came out on top here in the "bonus programs" category, but with a score of 2.1 it is also the best-rated app overall out of more than 580 apps examined in 53 different sectors. This means that the PAYBACK app leads the overall ranking across all industries, ahead of apps from the likes of, PayPal and Amazon.

"We do everything we can to make the mobile use of our program as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. That's why we bundle a great many services here, such as collecting points, redeeming points, activating coupons and mobile payments, and are constantly developing the app further - for example, with PAYBACK GO, with Fuel & Go, with games and other new applications that will be coming soon," says Michael Eichhorn, Director Digital POS and PAY at PAYBACK.

The PAYBACK app enables a total of 31 million PAYBACK customers to store offline and online at 680 partner companies, collect points, redeem them and save money, and it also offers PAYBACK PAY, one of the most popular mobile payment functions in Germany. More than 11 million customers are already taking advantage of the PAYBACK program on their smartphones. The app is already being very successfully linked with apps from partner companies, enabling a combination of wide reach and personalization.

The participants in the representative study selected the apps they had used themselves during the past 12 months and rated them with regard to the question: "Overall, how satisfied are you with the use of the following applications (apps) as a smartphone service?" For the study's ranking, apps with the best satisfaction score within an industry were labeled "Best App." Apps with satisfaction scores better than the category mean are designated "Top App."" At least 150 user votes were collected for each app. A total of just under 99,000 customer votes were included in the overall study.
The study took place independently of the evaluated providers.

You can find a press photo here.