PAYBACK app with new PAYBACK GO service

One app, many partners: the colour and content of the app can be tailored to each partner company – even more points and benefits, and an improved focus

More than eight million customers already use the PAYBACK bonus programme via the PAYBACK app. This enables them to collect points, activate coupons and make payments on their smartphones. The app is one of the top three shopping apps in Germany, and a new feature has now been added: PAYBACK GO, a technically unique and convenient function. The PAYBACK app allows customers to check in on their mobile phones when they are in a partner’s branch. As soon as they do, the colour and content of the app automatically change, and the app displays the specific offers and coupons the partner is currently offering. With PAYBACK GO, the multi-partner programme’s original slogan, “One card – many partners” becomes the new digital “One app – many partners”.

“Our partner companies can integrate their services, offers and additional coupons flexibly with this new feature. A notification function is also available at the customer's request. This makes shopping even more convenient for customers, and they can collect more points than before with PAYBACK GO,” said Michael Eichhorn, who is in charge of digitalising the point of sale at PAYBACK. Across Germany, PAYBACK GO can be used at a range of partner stores, including Aral, Alnatura, dm-drogerie markt, Fressnapf, Real, REWE and PENNY.

More and more customers are using PAYBACK’s mobile services, with over a quarter of PAYBACK’s 31 million active point collectors already using the app – and this number is growing rapidly. The PAYBACK app payment function is also successful and is one of the most popular in Germany, with several hundred thousand users. “This success is based on relevance. Our customers use the services and offers because they provide significant added value and are secure.”

Images of the PAYBACK app’s new PAYBACK GO feature are available here.