PAYBACK named one of the best employers for women

Germany’s leading women’s magazine BRIGITTE and HR marketing experts from TERRITORY EMBRACE have for the second time selected the best employers for women. Achieving five out of five stars, PAYBACK has been named one of Germany's 120 best employers for women.


Since 2018, BRIGITTE’s mission has been to recognise the best employers for women, thereby celebrating companies who are making outstanding efforts to support and promote women. More than 160 companies took part in the extensive survey, answering 60 questions in total.


From that total, 120 companies were recognised for their achievements in these six categories: work-life balance, flexibility of the work, help with starting work, careers in senior management, importance of positive support for women in the company, and transparency. PAYBACK scored significantly better than average, achieving the highest rating of five stars. This makes PAYBACK one of Germany’s best employers for women, as evidenced by its outstanding achievements and high quality standards.


“Over the past few years, PAYBACK has developed into a digital heavyweight, an IT and tech company. During this process, we have taken particular care to ensure we are an exciting, attractive and compelling employer for women. This accolade from BRIGITTE once again proves that we have succeeded in our aim, and we are truly delighted,” said Carolin Schlegtendal, HR director and head of talent acquisition at PAYBACK.


From DAX-listed companies to local craft businesses, the participants in the survey come from all regions and industries throughout Germany. The survey's results provide a useful guide to the world of work for women looking for the right job. More information about the survey is available online at and in the current issue of BRIGITTE (21/2019).