Branch-based retailer joins market-leading bonus scheme

Recklinghausen, Munich – RUNNERS POINT customers will soon also be able to collect PAYBACK points. A retailer of sports shoes, functional textiles and accessories with branches throughout Germany, RUNNERS POINT will start its cooperation with Germany’s largest bonus scheme from mid-November, joining the strong network of 25 well-known retail partners and more than 150 online partners. The switch to PAYBACK marks the end of the company’s previous collaboration with HappyDigits.  

From November, RUNNERS POINT will be one of the bonus scheme’s permanent retail partners. "By opting for PAYBACK, we are switching to Germany’s market-leading bonus scheme", stated Runners Point Managing Director Otto Hurler, adding that PAYBACK is a strong bonus scheme covering a large network of partners that shoppers use on a day-to-day basis. "We are therefore confident that we will enjoy a very successful relationship with PAYBACK over the coming years", underlined Kerstin Bohmann, the RUNNERS POINT Marketing Manager, who is responsible for the bonus scheme.

As for PAYBACK, the company’s managing director Bernhard Brugger is convinced the new partnership will prove beneficial. "We are delighted to welcome a further well-known brand as a PAYBACK Partner. RUNNERS POINT is particularly attractive to our members thanks to its range of high-quality products and city-centre outlets", he said.

This switch means that "Digits" are a thing of the past at RUNNERS POINT. "The fact that a number of large companies are no longer part of the 'HappyDigits' programme means that our customers too have lost a number of opportunities for collecting points", explained Bohmann. We therefore decided to drop this bonus scheme", she added. The partnership ends on 30 September 2009. "Naturally, the 'Digits' collected will not be lost. They can be redeemed online in the usual way at", Bohmann stressed.

General information about RUNNERS POINT

RUNNERS POINT is Germany’s leading branch-based retailer of sports shoes, functional textiles and accessories and specialises in running and (Nordic) walking. The company’s product portfolio also includes trendy lifestyle shoes. RUNNERS POINT has branches in Germany and Austria and an online shop at

2009 marks the 25th anniversary of RUNNERS POINT as a leading retailer in the sport of running. In other words, RUNNERS POINT has been a big name on the running market since the start of the running boom in Germany, and the company has won numerous awards for the quality of its advice and service.

In 2002, RUNNERS POINT launched an independent sales concept for lifestyle shoes and accessories under the name SIDESTEP. There are now 30 SIDESTEP branches in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. In 2007, the company launched a further speciality concept under the name Run2, offering a range of functional textiles for running and walking. In addition to the specific ranges of items, the 6 Run2 outlets in Germany also offer comprehensive advice and services to runners.