To the beer garden with Angela Merkel, shopping with Guido Kretschmer: Germans would choose these celebrities as their favorite companion

München,16.08.2021 - For a long time, we had to do without it due to the pandemic, but for some time now, thank goodness, extensive shopping as well as restaurant visits are once again possible. The bonus program PAYBACK found out, with which celebreties or  politicians the Germans would prefer to go on a shopping spree or sit comfortably in a beer garden if they could vote. When it comes to beer gardens, the choice is clear: Germans name Chancellor Angela Merkel as their top companion. Above all, the youngest youngest of the age groups surveyed (18 to 24 years) would like to sit at the same table with her. Merkel Merkel is followed by actor and director Michael Bully Herbig in second and virologist Christian Drosten in third place.

Beyond celebrities and politics, the respondents would prefer to sit with their family or friends in a beer garden. Other preferential company according to an open question became: "My ex-husband's new wife," Barbara Schöneberger, Bradley Cooper and Sarah Wagenknecht. 

When it comes to shopping, the female respondents in particular are unanimous: by a wide margin, they choose Guido Kretschmer as the perfect shopping companion. For men, female expertise with Jennifer Aniston is highly rated for shopping trips. Elyas M'Barek and Lady Gaga are named as other shopping companions, followed by Heidi Klum. However, the largest group prefers to enjoy an extensive shopping trip with their own partner or alone. Rita Ora, Roger Federer and Wolfgang Bosbach were also named in the open question.
All participants agree on the question of what they enjoy most at the moment: Meeting friends and family is undisputedly at the top of the list, followed by restaurant visits and "seeing faces without masks again".

The survey was conducted in July 2021 by the opinion research institute YouGov, A total of 1,013 people in Germany aged 18 and over were surveyed on a representative basis People in Germany aged 18 and over.

Top 10 favorite company in the beer garden:
Chancellor Angela Merkel 15%
Michael Bully Herbig 13
Virologist Christian Drosten 8%
Helene Fischer 7%
Herbert Grönemeyer 7%
Duchess Kate 6%
Rainer Calmund 4%
Health Minister Jens Spahn 3%
With someone else and that is...15%
Don't know 22
Top 10 favorite shopping companions
Guido Kretschmer 15%
Jennifer Aniston 9%
Elyas M'Barek 6%
Lady Gaga 6%
Heidi Klum 4%
Manuel Neuer 3%
Cara Delevigne 3%
Lily Becker 3%
With someone else 21%
Don't know 30%

You can find a graphic about the report here.