Excellent employee development at PAYBACK

The PAYBACK GROUP has once again been confirmed as an attractive employer: In a study on "Germany's best employers for employee development", the company achieves a top ranking together with renowned companies such as Allianz, Porsche and BMW Bank, among others. "It is important to us to offer talents an environment in which they can develop their strengths. Our culture is based on appreciation and inclusivity, which is reflected not only in various great benefits for our colleagues, but above all in successful cooperation with many initiatives for individual advancement," says Lara Schnagl, responsible for Employer Branding & Internal Communications at PAYBACK.

In cooperation with the Cologne-based analysis institute Service Value, ÔéČuro magazine surveyed more than 1,100 companies and evaluated 132,000 ratings - without the involvement of the rated companies. Using an online panel, respondents were able to agree on a five-point scale to what extent they consider employee development to be elementary, either from their own experience or from hearsay at the companies being evaluated, and whether it is implemented accordingly.
Employee development was defined as the improvement, but also the change of skills, knowledge and experience of employees with the aim of enabling them to perform and execute current and future tasks and challenges.


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