Directory assistance service 11 88 0 becomes PAYBACK partner

PAYBACK, Germany’s largest bonus program, is continuing to expand its range of partners and will be entering into a cooperation agreement with the directory assistance service, telegate as of 16 August 2006. As a result, PAYBACK members will soon be able to collect points by calling 11 88 0 for directory assistance. Customers are given 5 PAYBACK points for each call and 100 extra points as a welcome present when they register with the service.

11 88 0 provides directory and information services that cover every aspect of life. Alongside classic telephone directory assistance, customers can also use over 30 additional services. Such services include train and flight information, emergency tradesmen, traffic information and tips on leisure activities and events. In order to collect points, customers first have to register at By using the landline and mobile numbers provided on this site, customers can then collect PAYBACK points every time they call the 11 88 0 service. The first 1,000 customers to register online by 31 August 2006 will receive 500 extra PAYBACK points.

About 11 88 0:

The firm telegate offers directory assistance services across Germany under the number 11 88 0 and occupies a 30 percent share of the market. Over 90 percent of all German citizens are familiar with the company’s advertising slogan “da werden Sie geholfen” [we’re here to help], making it one of the most successful in Germany. As well as offering classic telephone directory assistance, the company has developed a wide range of innovative services. From address information and emergency pharmacist services to mobile numbers, hotel reservations and telephone price comparisons, the “Nummer für alle Fälle” [all the numbers you need] offer help in all aspects of life. For several years, telegate has been a reliable partner to renowned telecommunications companies including Arcor, e-plus, debitel, mobilcom, Talkline, Ventelo, Drillisch and The Phone House. 11 88 0 also offers freedirectory assistance services via internet at